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27 Ocak 2015

Gulens Movements Next Step

After 17 and 25 December corruption and bribery operation in 2013, the big cracked down appeared between the people who follows Gulen and who believes that was a trap for Erdogans Government as a coup which supported outside Turkey.
Gulen supporters show some proves like they are getting help or at least when they trying to get help outside Turkey, like USA and Europe and that makes a perception for the rest of the Turkish Nation as Gulens Movement is not nationalist nor Islamist movement at all.
Just before these incidents December 17 and 25, the Gulen Movement was notable in the nation and the government? Maybe the first question should be this to ask. Because since the Gulens Movement started especially in the Islamist groups were always questioning either their activities was the right or convenient to Islamic rules. But for a long period of under restraint military Kemalist regime this question is deferred and pushed away until this regime totally gets away as a threat any more.
That is another side of Turkish people who they call themselves Kemalist(Ataturkcu) and Nationalist(Ulusalci) blames both sides they were together doing all those outlaw actions and now they got separated. By the way Nationalist in Turkish language described two different versions in two different groups. One takes Arabic based version Milliyetci which represents mostly conservative and religion groups and the other Ulusalci represents Kemalist, modernist likes to follow Ataturk steps. This conflict goes more than 100 years ago as well.
Now we are discussing what part is right or wrong as morally or in the law, Gulens movement against Turkish government. Both parts blame each other for going to outlaw. Gulens movement blames the government as well as 4 former ministers, who resigned after 17-25 December operation, for bribery and corruption and tries to make people believe this with proof of illegally recorded tapes which claims the conversations between the ministers and the people who works for government and media people and the businessman, served on social media youtube. Despite government says the Gulens Movement as an organization in illegal activities and became a Parallel Structure to the government. That is very curicial point for me that some translates this as a State but not Structure. What proves this is prepared documents in the police headquarters and prosecutorial department of Turkey against Turkish government ministers and their sons, and even against former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now he became first elected president of Turkey. Also the tape served by Gulens Movement on social media youtube is illegal action they do. For my opinion the biggest mistake Gulens Movement done is served the conversation between former foreign minister Prof Ahmet Davutoglu, now he became prime minister of Turkey after Erdogan, and head of Turkish National Intelligence Service(MIT) Hakan Fidan and Second Military General Yasar Guler and foreign counselor Feridun Sinirlioglu about Syria. Because this action/tape is a threat for National Security and any country can accept this neither can Turkey. The Turkish people, at least more than P is taken this as quisling. Because you are sharing the coconfederationnformation on social media and indeed that does not help Turkey or her people. The other indicator supports my opinion are the mayor election in March 2014 and then the first Presidential election in August 2014. In both election the Turkish people votes for Erdogan.
That gave Erdogan extra moral power and encourage to take actions agagainstulens Movement or with his description PaParalleltructure. Government started get the evidences and documents together who was in charge to do these all illegal activities against Turkey. And then tries to take them to the court for judgment. The first operation made against police department headquarters who was in that incident, and took them to the court.
After each file properly and legally is prepared and dispatchedu2026 Finally summary prproceedingss gotten ready for Gulen to return to Turkey.
Long story short, for Gulens Movement the end is seen very close and ininquisitivehat will be the next step?
That is the question!
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